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Сообщение Adamkek34 » 14 ноя 2019, 19:37

Escort services in bristol city?
I live there, but never try a single whore from there. Does anyone have a well-recommended escort agency?

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Re: Escort!

Сообщение custommurvin3 » 15 ноя 2019, 10:57

Hi, A fellow Aussie Escort :) I'm a male escort also from Australia and also mainly working in the UK. Escorting is completely legal in the UK. It's illegal to have more than one escort working from the same premises but you're fine to work independently from your own flat

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Re: Escort!

Сообщение Zulus5 » 15 ноя 2019, 17:17

You can look up escorts in your area with google. It's that easy at least where I live. There are these relaxation spas too. It's about three hundred bucks an hour for the really hot ones. I got couples to weet girls from Stockholm

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Re: Escort!

Сообщение ownthewin » 03 июн 2023, 12:45

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